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LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms

LOGIX ICF Distributor

       Image of Logix insulated concrete form block

See pictures of local homes constructed using
LOGIX ICFs at the bottom of this page!!

We are a distributor of LOGIX insulated concrete forms (ICFs). We are located Baldwin City, Kansas, near Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City.

Insulated concrete forms are a building product that combines the insulation of EPS foam with the strength of reinforced concrete. Constructing your home with this product will offer you unrivaled safety, security, sound reduction, and energy efficiency. ICFs can significantly reduce the energy usage of your home or building.

Insulated concrete forms can be used to build just your basement or your basement and above ground floors. The forms we sell are manufactured in Haysville, Kansas.

41% (by weight) of LOGIX ICFs are completely recycled materials.

For more information, visit the LOGIX website:

Here you will find a variety of information including technical specifications and construction videos.

Below are some pictures of a local ICF home being constructed.


Above are some recent construction pictures of a new home being built between Lawrence and Baldwin City, 1-3-09





Insulated concrete forms are a building product that is constructed by molding two thick sheets of EPS foam held together by strong plastic webs. The space in between the foam sheets creates a cavity for concrete. The ICFs are stacked up to make walls on the job site. Steel reinforcing rods (rebar) are placed in the cavity as the walls are erected. Once the walls are ready, they are filled with concrete using a pump truck.

After the concrete has set, the walls are ready for use. The foam stays on the walls, providing excellent insulation and sound deadening. The concrete inside of the ICFs provides the strength for the wall system.

Gypsum wall board can be applied directly to the interior surfaces of the forms. There is no need to add firing strips to the walls. Any exterior finish material such as stucco or siding can be applied directly to the exterior of the forms.

You can hire a contractor to construct your walls or if you are a do-it-yourself type of person, you can assemble and pour the walls yourself. We also have scaffolding available for rental. This scaffolding provides a way to hold the walls upright until the concrete has cured.


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